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    • Aug 21
      Adventure Technology Hooks Up New Angler Series Paddles

      New for 2015 are four angling specific paddles that will not only get you to where the fish are, but also give you some tools to make the most of your day fishing. Odyssey Angler The new Odyssey Angler features an oversized fiberglass blade for a faster catch and more purchase in the water, as well as a reinforced Duraweave™…
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    • Aug 13
      Adventure Technology Paddle Strength Proves Positive

      You have got to see this! Adventure Technology Pro Team Manager Gareth Tate and Team Paddler Todd Wells put the Advance Series paddles featuring Duraweave with Innegra to the test against the leading competitor’s paddle to some amazing results. The secondary strength of these paddles are truly unmatched!  
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    • Aug 13
      Closer Look: AT Angler Series

      Get a closer look at Adventure Technology’s Angler Series paddles! Product Manager Hastings Blumer walks us through some of the fishing-specific features sure to give kayak anglers a competitive edge.  
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    • Jul 9
      Adventure Technology 2014 Pro Team Boasts Elite Athletes

      Adventure Technology 2014 Pro Team Boasts Elite Athletes Across the Paddlesports Spectrum Input from top touring, whitewater and angling athletes drives brand innovation   GREENVILLE, S.C. (DRAFT) – Adventure Technology® enlists a roster of world-class paddling professionals in 2014 to drive brand innovation in key paddling categories including expedition touring, whitewater disciplines, and kayak fishing. This year’s diverse team is…
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