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Search Glass


The Search Glass is a high angle style blade featuring fiberglass reinforced nylon blades and your choice of a carbon blend ergonomic shaft or straight shaft.

The blade is designed with less dihedral for added efficiency, an ideal paddle for all-around touring or well-conditioned paddlers.
*Ferrule Adjustment: Quick, easy, and precise. Simply open the lever, adjust the shaft for custom fit, and close the lever. Enjoy unlimited feathering, down to a single degree, and up to 5cm of increased length.
PUSH-BUTTON MODEL AVAILABLE: New straight shaft, push-button model available with fiberglass shaft only. Available lengths: 210, 220, 230, 240. Ferrule: 45 degrees left - 0 degrees - 45 degrees right. (MSRP: $135.00 USD MSRP: $172.00 CAD)

Those Who Live It Know - Touring


Those Who Live It Know - Touring

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