Paddles For Every Passion: Whitewater

Whether you’re steep creeker, a playboater, a river runner, or just getting into the world of whitewater, we have a paddle for every passion. Every Adventure Technology paddle has its own unique set of features and benefits to meet you at your current level of paddling, and the technology to take you to the next.

Paddle: AT2 Superduty

Technology: Unibody Construction, Full Control Grip, Braided Shaft, Dynell Edge

Benefits: Performance, Strength, Durability, Consistent Flex


Once an underground legend, the AT2 Superduty is now the benchmark for paddlers seeking excellence on the river. The AT2 features Adventure Technology’s signature Unibody Construction – a full one-piece construction where the entire paddle is woven from the shaft to the tip of the blade. This unique paddle structure improves performance, strength and durability. Additionally, a one-piece construction distributes flex evenly throughout the entire paddle for a smooth stroke, natural feel and consistent flex.

Photo Credit: Michael Maloney

Paddle: Geronimo

Technology: DuraweaveTM with InnegraTM, Full Control Grip

Benefits: Strength, Secondary Strength, Abrasion Resistance, Durability, Power


In uncertain creek environments, you need a paddle that you can depend on. With our largest Advanced Series blade, the Geronimo is ideal for those who need the most power from each stroke and maximum control in any situation. The Geronimo also features DuraweaveTM with InnegraTM, a unique composite material that is more impact and abrasion resistant and far less likely to break. Duraweave construction also provides unparalleled secondary strength; in the event that a shaft does crack the unique molecular structure prevents cracks from spreading, significantly reducing the likelihood of complete failure.

Photo Credit: Philip Robert

Paddle: Samurai

Technology: DuraweaveTM with InnegraTM, Full Control Grip

Benefits: Strength, Abrasion Resistance, Balance, Lightweight


To keep performing at a high level on waves and in holes, you want a dynamic paddle that is strong yet light. Enter the Samurai, weighing in at only 30.5 oz.* and featuring DuraweaveTM with InnegraTM. This proprietary technology makes the paddle abrasion resistant and far less likely to break, while optimizing the balance between strength and weight. Designed for quick and responsive strokes, the Samurai will deliver the kind of agile performance playboaters expect. 

*Weight of Samurai straight shaft paddles

Paddle: Hercules

Technology: DuraweaveTM with InnegraTM, Full Control Grip

Benefits: Strength, Abrasion Resistance, Versatility, Buoyancy, Lightweight, Flexible


Designed for the boater who spends a lot of time running rivers but likes to stop and play along the way, the Hercules is optimized for all-around performance with a moderate and balanced blade shape. Though adaptable by nature, the Hercules is anchored by an über-strong DuraweaveTM with InnegraTM construction making it exponentially stronger and much more abrasion resistant than traditional paddles. The Hercules is also light, buoyant and has a natural and forgiving flex.

Paddle: Titan

Technology: Fiberglass-reinforced Construction, Dihedral Shape

Benefits: Durable, Lightweight, Forgiving


Inspired by the legendary AT2, the Titan is ideal for beginner to intermediate whitewater boaters looking for a solid all-purpose paddle. The Titan’s moderately sized, fiberglass-reinforced nylon blade and fiberglass shaft deliver durability while keeping weight to a minimum. The Titan also features a dihedral blade shape that delivers balanced, forgiving performance across all conditions and stroke types. Add its bright, vibrant blade color for added visibility on the water, and you have the perfect paddle to inspire you to the next level. 

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