Whether you’re into running rivers, chasing game fish, or pushing your limits on open water, we have a paddle for every passion. Every Adventure Technology paddle has its own unique set of features and benefits to meet you at your current level of paddling, and the technology to take you to the next.

We’ve taken strength, durability and performance to a whole new level. Whether you're a creeker, river runner or playboater, we’ve combined our best designs, 

features and technologies to create the best whitewater paddles out there. From our famous braided fiberglass contrustion to our revolutionary Duraweave with Innegra, 

we can provide the strongest, lightest or most durable paddle for you. The only problem is, how will you pick just one?


The benchmark of excellence in touring paddles. If you are looking for the most dependable blades on the market loaded with premium features, then these paddles we're designed for you. With superior performance, natural flex and state of the art ergonmics, you can paddle with confidence day after day. For whatever feature you are looking for - minumum flutter, better grip, lightweight, additional stability or versatility - we have the paddles to meet you at your current level or to bring you to your next.

The last thing you want to worry about when you have a fish on the line is your paddle. Our angling paddles are designed with the fisherman in mind,  with angling specific features and blade versatility, our paddles are especially functional with wider fishing kayak and height adjustable seating systems. Our five different angling paddle offer a wide range of options, such as added stability, quicker acceleration, abraison resitance, to help you zip from spot to spot and greater accuracy to reel that fish in faster.