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Rok Rozman

About Me:

Since I can remember I was an outgoing type of kid full of energy. Being in the sports helped; I was an Ice Hockey player till the age of 17, then changed to Rowing that soon became my job, won some medals at World Championships and unfortunately lost Olympic one in last meters of the race and soon severely injured my back.

Kayaking was something that would always be there for me to help me relax and really enjoy life and the moment. In the last couple of years, after I quit a career of Professional athlete and helped my back to have less pain I have nearly all the time I need and I spend it while doing biological research, Fly fishing, mountaineering and kayaking around the world. What else can I desire?

I love kayaking because it's a sport that demands a special lifestyle that is something I adore. Being dependent on nature’s cycles when waiting for perfect flow after rains or snowmelt is something brilliant to me as it is as true and as nature-connected as it gets. Kayak also brought seemingly unreachable places and perspectives to me, not only about surroundings but also about myself.