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Laura Farrell


About Me:

Hailing from the flat lands of Florida, I was not introduced to whitewater kayaking until after graduating from high school and moving to North Carolina. Now, twelve years later, I have made a life out of kayaking through teaching others the sport, racing fast down creeks, and exploring the world by way of the river. 

While I consider Bryson City, NC my home and the Nantahala and Green Rivers my home rivers, I recently accepted a job in Washington D.C. working in the adventure travel division of National Geographic. I am looking forward to making the Potomac my new training ground.

There are so many reasons I love kayaking. I love it because of the places it takes me and the people it introduces me to. I love it because when I am sitting at the top of a big rapid my mind is clear and nothing else but that rapid matters. I love it because it’s a great excuse to get outside and exercise with the people you love. I love that it challenges me, both mentally and physically. What’s not to love about kayaking.