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I Dig It and I Dig With It

Posted: 01.19.2015

By: Jedediah Plunkertt | Wilderness Systems and Adventure Technology Pro Staff

I dig it and I dig with it!

The new Search Angler paddle from Adventure Technology hits the nail on the head – this paddle means business!

It’s designed for the "high angle paddler," so it fits my needs perfectly. The first opportunity I had to paddle the Search was a windy, rising-water late fall day. It performed strong and flawless. The large blade moved a lot of water with every stroke and made it possible to reach desired areas quickly. Battling current and wind in a river can be a daunting task, but with the Search’s seek-and-destroy attitude, I had no problem dropping the hammer and powering upstream.

Having the measuring graphic printed on the shaft of this paddle is a very helpful feature. I catch a fish, get a quick and accurate length, then release all in a matter of seconds. This is beneficial to me when I’m in an area and the bite is red hot.

I highly recommend the Search Angler to any high angle paddler looking for an affordably priced and tough paddle to reach their next destination.