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My AT Paddle of Choice

Posted: 10.07.2014

As a smaller paddler with a history of elbow tendonitis, I need a high performance paddle that doesn't beat up my elbows or shoulders: the AT2 Flexi. The shaft is just “flexi” enough to give my joints some cushion, yet durable enough to take whatever I can throw at it.

The AT2 Flexi consists of foam-core carbon blades, and a unibody shaft of carbon and fiberglass. This combination makes for a strong, durable, yet lightweight paddle. It has consistent flex throughout the paddle stroke is reliable in hard whitewater.

The foam-core blades allow for lightweight buoyancy, meaning easier bracing, and rolling as the blade rises to the surface on its own. The blade is thicker and more forgiving, allowing it to be moved through the water with ease. This translates into a smooth paddle stroke, and a more efficient paddling technique.

Each blade is reinforced with Dynell edging along the perimeter of the paddle blade, preventing your blade from wearing down prematurely, getting hairline cracks, or chips.

The full control grip is easy on the hands, and puts my wrists in a neutral position.

All in all, the AT2 Flexi is a very comfortable paddle. It’s lightweight, strong and durable, with the slightest bit of flex in the shaft. Whether your looking for a paddle that doesn’t add to the wear and tear on your joints, or are looking for that happy medium between a fiberglass and full carbon paddle, the AT2 Flexi is for you!

See you on the river,

Kim Russell