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Colorado 10 1/2 days, 13 new rivers.

Posted: 06.28.2014

Colorado 10 1/2 days, 13 new rivers.We loaded up my trusty Honda CR-V, affectionately referred to as Lady nasty.

Three people Collin Hunt, Brian Snyder, and myself (Sam Ovett), 1 bicycle for shuttle. 5 kayaks. (One playboat that needed a cross country shuttle to its owner and one back up boat. When you go to Colorado it is not a bad idea to bring a back up boat if you have the luxury. The rocks are sharp and mostly unforgiving.  Lady Nasty was also loaded down with camera equipment, camping gear and most importantly a way to make coffee!

Half day Monday

At 2:00pm on Monday afternoon we rolled out of Asheville fired up and ready for an adventure. The pre road trip excitement is one of my favorite parts of a kayaking road trip.

Day 1 Tuesday
Driving and Clear Creek

26 hours later and almost running out of gas once in Kansas we arrived in Colorado at the put in of clear creek. In order to shake off the road trip we put on and ran the upper section of clear creek. 26 hours straight of driving made me feel like a bad kayaker, who knows maybe it wasn't the driving, either way it was nice to be in a kayak in Colorado.

Day 2 Wednesday
Gore Canyon

Day 3 Thursday
El Dorado Canyon and South Saint Vrain. One paddle lost

Day 4 Friday
Proving Grounds North Saint Vrain. Starting to feel like a Zombie

Day 5 Saturday
North Saint Vrain. Good nights rest, energized for a big mission day. Friendly local paddlers made shuttle possible and park rangers incredibly forgiving.

Day 6 Sunday
Upper South Boulder put in, but did not put on. Tired, feeling sick, not fired up resting and driving.

Day 7 Fun Day Monday!
Yule Creek, hairy side up, big and awesome, great burritos at the end of the day. Wow what a cool day and place.

Day 8 Tuesday
Meat Grinder and Narrows Crystal Gorge. Round 1 awesome, round 2 let my guard down worst swim of my life. Stay focused in class V!

Day 9 Wednesday
2 breakfast biscuits and the Crested Butte Quadruple Crown. OBJ is oh wow awesome!

Day 10 drive back to Asheville.

Round trip from Asheville, NC back to Asheville, NC it took us 10 days in that time we managed to paddle 13 sections of creek and river. While all of it had been run before it was new to us.