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An Important Statement to Our Consumers

Posted: 05.05.2014

Dear Valued Customers, We recently discovered a blade-to-shaft adhesion problem on a small number of Adventure Technology Advanced Series whitewater paddles. Although there have been very few failures in the field, we want to be overly cautious and confirm with absolute certainty that all paddles meet our specifications. Out of an abundance of caution we would like to give you the option of having your paddle replaced.

The models affected include the following:
Geronimo Carbon
Hercules Carbon
Samurai Carbon
Geronimo Glass
Hercules Glass
Samurai Glass
We apologize for the inconvenience that this causes you, but we know that you share our commitment to safety and understand that any equipment failure could pose a risk.  While the actions that we are taking may not be absolutely necessary, we are not willing to take any chances.  Rest assured that we have taken immediate steps to identify the root cause of the problem and have it resolved.  In addition, multiple layers of additional quality control measures have been put into place to ensure that it never again resurfaces. 
To receive a replacement paddle, please do the following:
Contact the dealer from whom you purchased your paddle and let them know that you would like to replace your paddle
Return paddle to dealer (if this is not possible, you may send images showing proof of destruction instead)
Approved proof of destruction images should clearly show:
Both blades cut off of shaft, or
Multiple (5-10) large holes drilled through both blades
A replacement paddle order will be booked at the time that the dealer receives your paddle or proof of paddle destruction
The dealer will contact you as soon as the replacement paddle is available
You can work directly with Adventure Technology to receive your paddle replacement if you prefer.  US and Canadian customers can call AT Customer Service at 888-52-KAYAK (888-525-2925); International customers can contact the appropriate Adventure Technology distributor listed on the website at
We sincerely apologize for this disruption. 
Hastings Blumer
Product Manager – AT Paddles