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Adventure Technology and the Leeway Collective

Posted: 04.09.2015

Adventure Technology's latest collaboration with Leeway Collective was formed by a shared appetite for adventure. Leeway is a group of four passionate and experienced athletes who found common ground and friendship through a love for the outdoors and storytelling.

We are incredibly excited to announce our partnership with Leeway Collective, a group of four athletes, photographers and videographers who have a true passion for the outdoors and an extraordinary talent for capturing it. Their images and videos send you on an incredible journey through the heart of the Alps,and just a quick look at any one of their channels will leave you with a strong desire to step outside and exlpore. Adventure Technology gravitated toward the Leeway Collective journey because of their passion to enlighten people about getting outdoors and experiencing a sense of adventure.

Adventure Technologhy caught up with Rok Rozman, Leeway Athlete and Biologist, to learn more about Leeway and how it all began:

"To keep it simple: We started as 4 friends, Žan and I have been friends for 8 years - we then met Soča on the river and Anže shortly after that. We all had certain passions that we enjoyed or excelled in so one day we decided that we could pursue all of our passions together. We jumped right in. We immediately went to a gorge full of snow and started taking pictures. Our pictures were so successful that we knew we were on to something, so we decided to put our heads together and figure out what we really wanted to work and what our projects would look like. From there Leeway only got bigger and bigger, we made a website, started cooperating with another friend videographer, got some really renown collaborations and with a smile on our faces we continue delivering projects (photo and video) with the purpose of inspiring people about the great outdoors and a nature aware lifestyle. Since I am a biologist/ecologist, our goal is to also raise awareness and get people closer to nature so they can appreciate it, but we will never forgot the reason we began our journey; To enjoy being outdoors and do interesting things in interesting ways!

What I like the most about our collective is that we are all so different. Stacking together profiles of an ex olympic athlete (I was a rower; 4th place in Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, 3rd place in World Champs 2009) and biologist, pro photographer with special style, totally crazy young guy that has quite some insane ideas (Žan ;) ) and a videographer with sense for details enables out of the box style of approach towards things. It is always good to have a friend next to you that looks at the facts from a different perspective, this way, when you combine all aspects, good ideas are born.

Our red line all the time is and will be raising nature awareness, providing Mother Nature with the respect and devotion she deserves and is so sadly often lost these days. Co-working in conservation projects is our goal too, helping with our work where we can, the best way we can. Also the companies we choose to work with are carefully chosen – not just every brand with gear that we would use is ok. We search for the companies with vision, respectful attitude towards environment, smart design, quality products (this is a part of sustainable development…) and nice collectives behind the brand."

To learn more about Leeway Collective, check out their HIT list of work:

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