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Adventure Technology 2014 Pro Team Boasts Elite Athletes

Posted: 07.09.2014

Adventure Technology 2014 Pro Team Boasts Elite Athletes Across the Paddlesports Spectrum
Input from top touring, whitewater and angling athletes drives brand innovation
GREENVILLE, S.C. (DRAFT)Adventure Technology® enlists a roster of world-class paddling professionals in 2014 to drive brand innovation in key paddling categories including expedition touring, whitewater disciplines, and kayak fishing. This year’s diverse team is made up of athletes, explorers, photographers, anglers, and standout personalities who push the limits of kayaking and adventure. These men and women use AT paddles in a variety conditions to provide feedback directly to the design team, enabling the brand to be dynamic and responsive to paddlers’ needs across the spectrum of paddlesports.
“The AT team boasts nearly seventy incredibly talented and dynamic paddlers who are taking every aspect of kayaking to the next level, from running the world’s steepest waterfalls to exploring uncharted waterways and catching the biggest, most exciting fish species,” said Evan Lyendecker, marketing manager for Adventure Technology. “Feedback from these athletes who spend their days on the water is an integral part of our design process, and this insight makes it possible for us to create the most lightweight, durable, and performance-oriented paddles available today. We are proud to have this group of passionate paddlers representing our brand throughout the 2014 season.”
Led by standout adventure paddler Gareth Tate, Adventure Technology’s 2014 whitewater and touring team includes some of the most elite kayak adventurers and whitewater competitors. For 2014 Tyler Bradt will continue his Wizard’s Eye Expedition searching for the world’s greatest adventures, while Brendan and Todd Wells are set to shoot a film on rivers in the Pacific Northwest. Expert paddlers Jason Beakes, Anna Levesque and Brad Ludden will use their kayaking skills to help people gain confidence, learn teamwork, and inspire a love for the outdoors. Tate himself will launch and lead a Team Highlight Series spanning the sum of the team’s whitewater and touring expeditions and adventures.
The Adventure Technology Angling Team will be led by four regional managers: Jeff Little, Bobby Clark, CJ Siebler, and Troy Meyerhoeffer in the northeast. The Adventure Technology anglers will provide feedback on paddle trends, and will help promote the sport at tournaments and events across the country. 
2014 Adventure Technology Pro Team – Whitewater and Touring
Anna Levesque            Ben Brown         
Brad Ludden                Brendan Wells             
Chase Nobles              Chris Wing
Christie Eastman         Clay Wright
Corey Volt                    Daniel Dutton
Dave Farkas                Devyn Scott
Emily Shanblatt           Galen Volckhausen
Gareth Tate                 Iker Beristain
Isaac Hull                    Jacob Cruser
Jason Beakes             Katie Scott
Kim Becker                 Laura Farrell
Leo Siecienski            Lizzy Adams
LJ Groth                     Matías Nuñez
Max Ovett                  Paul Stamilio
Peter Csonka             Robby Hogg
Sara James               Sam Ovett
Scott Ligare               Shane Groves
Stephen Wright          Todd Wells
Tyler Bradt
2014 Adventure Technology Pro Team – Angling
Aaron Dryden            Adam Harbuck
Bill Schultz                 Alejandro Perez Arteaga
Bill Sikora                  Bobby Clark
Brenden Terrill           Callie Shumway
Chris Gorsuch           Chris LeMessurier
CJ Siebler                  Dave Easton
Dean Thomas            Eric Tebbets
George Stevens         Jason Stock
Jay Brooks                 Jedediah Plunkert
Jeff Little                    Jeff Malott
Jeff Suber                  Jennifer Thomas
Joe Poole                   Juan Veruete
Manny Torres             Mike Zilkowsky
Rob Knoles                Steve Garcia
Tommy Samuels        Troy Meyerhoeffer
Wade Nichols
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