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To the uninitiated, paddling may seem like a silly endeavor. But it's more. It’s getting lost, or found. It’s the sensation of power, or the humbling lack thereof. It's a feeling that only Those Who Live It Know.

Whitewater kayaking is more than just rapids and waterfalls. It’s a restless spirit of adventure and an obsession for continuous improvement that only Those Who Live It Know .

Join AT Team athlete Robby Hogg on a quick trip down the steepest creek listed in the California guidebook. Silver Fork of the American.

A short, informative video of how you can make a difference in the life of a paddle without a home.

Adventure Technology is redefining whitewater paddles. This video gives a behind-the-scenes look at the product development of our all new whitewater paddle line, from concept to creation. And we are proud to be the first to introduce a new material...

We are excited to introduce our brand new, re-imagined line of Adventure Technology touring paddles. Each paddle has been redesigned and reengineered to be stronger, lighter, more durable, and fully customizable, to offer you a new level of...