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Kayaking expert Ben Lawry explains the three kayak paddle materials and the Adventure Technology materials in making the world's best performance paddles.

Kayaking expert Ben Lawry explains basic paddle nomenclature. The different pieces parts on the paddle and what they are called.

To the uninitiated, paddling may seem like a silly endeavor. But it's more. It’s getting lost, or found. It’s the sensation of power, or the humbling lack thereof. It's a feeling that only Those Who Live It Know.

Join AT Team athlete Robby Hogg on a quick trip down the steepest creek listed in the California guidebook. Silver Fork of the American.

A short, informative video of how you can make a difference in the life of a paddle without a home.

We are excited to introduce our brand new, re-imagined line of Adventure Technology touring paddles. Each paddle has been redesigned and reengineered to be stronger, lighter, more durable, and fully customizable, to offer you a new level of...