Side by Side Comparison
MSRP Ergo: $400 USD; Straight: $320 USD / Ergo: $420 CAD; Straight: $336 CAD
WEIGHT Ergo: 30 oz / 851 g; Straight: 29.0 oz / 822 g
AVAILABLE LENGTHS (cm) 210, 220, 230, 240
SHAFT Ergo: Carbon; Full Control Grip; Standard Diameter / Straight: Carbon; Standard Diameter
FERRULE Adjustable Ferrule System
BLADE 565 cm2; Low Angle Design; Carbon Weave

One of the most versatile touring paddles on the market featuring lightweight, woven carbon fiber construction, available with two carbon shafts to choose from. ideal for paddlers who prefer a more relaxed stroke style and posture, but want the ability to paddle aggressively without any flutter. Precisely balanced blades allow it to be used for both low and high angle paddling, while its soft dihedral and forgiving powerface ensure each stroke is smooth and efficient. Whether you prefer a leisurely trip around the lake or the excitement of charging into large coastal swells, the Quest won’t let you down.

"Essential Paddling Gear" - Sierra Magazine June, 2013


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