Side by Side Comparison
MSRP Ergo: $300 USD; Straight: $235 USD / Ergo: $315 CAD; Straight: $247 CAD
WEIGHT Ergo: 34.0 oz/ 964 g*; Straight: 32.0 oz/ 907 g
AVAILABLE LENGTHS (cm) 205, 210 , 215, 220, 225, 230, 235 & 240 in Straight Shaft only
SHAFT Carbon Blend - Ergo or Straight
FERRULE Unlimited Feathering & Adjustable Length
BLADE 610 sq cm - Fiberglass - High Angle Design

Our newest design, the Oracle, is the most powerful touring blade we've ever created. With a blade design adapted from our AT2 Whitewater paddle, this touring paddle was specially crafted for aggressive paddling with high angle strokes. Slight dihedral gives the Oracle a more powerful stroke, less flutter, and better stability when bracing or rolling in choppy conditions. Combine the intuitive design with a strong, lightweight carbon fider construstion in the shaft and a colorful fiberglass blade and what you have is a truly efficient, dynamic, and colorful paddle.

Available in ergonomic shaft with Full Control Grip or straight shaft.

*Based on 210cm length

"Essential Piece of Gear for Beginning Kayakers" - Canoe & Kayak, 2013


The Oracle Glass is available online at the following Authorized AT Paddles dealers:


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