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  • Dec 19
    Introducing Our New Touring Line

    We are excited to introduce you to our brand new, re-imagined line of touring paddles. Each paddle has been redesigned and reengineered to be stronger, lighter, more durable, and fully customizable, to offer you a new level of technical precision and functional simplicity that is truly unparallelled.


    With this new line comes three new classes of paddle: the Elite, Advanced, and Sport series. Each series has been specially crafted with premium materials, so whether you are seeking the most sophisticated instrument, or performance at a value, Adventure Technology can provide you with a high quality paddle specifically suited for your needs.



    Oh, and did we mention they're pretty?

    The new paddles have been created with the highest levels of quality, simplicity, and aesthetic beauty. The new ferrule system allows for truly unlimited feathering, right down to the singe degree. It also allows for length adjustment, so you can adjust your paddle to fit your needs, even if you paddle multiple boats of different sizes. Our trusted ergonomic shaft with full control grip allows for a more comfortable paddling experience with less strain on your muscles. To top it all off, we've added a beautiful spectrum of color to the premium materials that compose our blades.


    Our new touring line was crafted from the bottom up with the paddler in mind. We have created beautiful paddles that feel comfortable, adapt to your needs, and function simply. These paddles will be available in stores on December 28, 2012 and we are excited to get the new Adventure Technology paddles into your hands and onto the water.






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