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What is the different between the F-Core, G., and C series?
The most significant difference between the paddle series are the construction materials.  F-core features a foam core construction, while the C Series paddles are a carbon blend and the G Series paddles are mostly made of fiberglass.  See the product pages for information: Whitewater / Touring

Where can I find the 2015 Adventure Technology Product Catalog?

Find the 2015 Product Catalog Here

Where is the closest dealer?
Use the dealer locator tool and choose your location for a list of Adventure Technology Paddle dealers in your area.

I don’t have a dealer in my area. Can I purchase directly from you?

We do not sell directly to consumers, but here is a list of some of our top dealers who sell online.

I need information on warranty and repairs. Where do I go?
If you need urgent assistance, please contact your local Adventure Technology Paddle dealer. All warranties and part orders need to be handled through an authorized dealer, as we do not sell direct.

All Adventure Technology Paddles come with a Limited One-Year Warranty. The AT Superduty comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the paddle shaft. Please see our official warranty page for complete details.

If you need to contact us, call at 877-766-4757 or shoot us an email.

How do I determine which paddle is right for me?
Our paddle selector tool is an excellent source for finding which paddle is best for you.  If you're still not sure, call your local dealer for help in making a decision on a paddle.
The fibers of my Advanced Series whitewater paddle are exposed. Is this normal? What should I do?
After a few uses (exact duration depends on paddling frequency and environment) the edge of AT’s Duraweave™ whitewater blades will wear slightly and expose the Innegra™ microfibers.
(Once these are exposed the blade will reach a sort of homeostatic equilibrium and the rate of blade abrasion will be dramatically lower than a conventional fiberglass or carbon composite blade)

What to do?

        - Leave the Innegra™ microfibers on the blade edge and let them work for you

        - In the unlikely event that a microfiber is longer than 1/8”, it may be cut with sharp scissors

Do you offer custom options in length and angle?
Custom options are available on AT whitewater paddles, but not on our touring line at this time.